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Minor Circuit

Glass Joe

Glass Joe

Glass Joe

Glass Joe is the beginning of your journey. That being said, he isn’t that hard. This is basically your tutorial stage. Glass joe has 2 moves both of which can be dodged to the left.

Straight jab

When Glass Joe is guarding his face he will hit you with a straight jab. You can dodge in any way, Dodge left or right, duck or dodge. Then follow up with a combo. You can also counter Glass Joe with a right hook when he turns red and earn a star.

Left Uppercut

When Glass joe is guarding his body, he will hit you with an uppercut. This time you can only dodge left or right. He will hit you if you duck or block. However, you can counter him with a left hook to earn a star.


Glass Joe will sometimes put his hand behind his back and laugh at you. Hit him with a jab to get a free star.


What!? another taunt?! Yup, but this time you can use it to your advantage. Glass Joe will step to the side and say something like ” hey hey! Ze gra France” (please forgive me for my lack of french) When he comes back, time a right hook to instantly knock Joe down!!!

With Glass joe defeated move on to your next challenge, Von Kaiser!!!

Von Kaiser

Von Kaiser

Von Kaiser is a German boxer instructor. He was mentally scarred when he was beaten up by a bunch of little kids. He is essentially Glass Joe, but faster and stronger.

Wind Up Jab

Von Kaiser’s first move is to wind up and jab you. Just like Glass Joe you can dodge or block in any way. You can also jab or hook to the right for a star

Left Uppercut

Sound familiar? Tt should because this is the same as glass joe’s but a bit faster. Dodge left or right to avoid it. Ducking or blocking will get you hit. Time a left hook to counter Von Kaiser and get a star.

Scaredy Cat

If you stun Von Kaiser (dodge a move then hit him) and hit him once. He will cower behind his hands. When he says “Mommy” hit him with a right jab to get a star. Also use a three star punch when he says “mommy” to get an instant defeat.

Another tip, if you feel that you can’t get three stars, get one star, dodge one of his attacks  , hit him once, then use the star for a knockdown. Do this three times for a TKO.

Von Kaiser was not a very great challenge. But the next contender is totally different. Do you think you can handle Disco kid?

Disco Kid

Disco Kid

Disco Kid has the groove, but can you dance your way out of his punch?

Straight Jab

Disco Kid’s first move is to jab you. Like before, you can dodge in anyway. You can also hit Disco Kid with a left hook as he comes in for a star.

Right Hook

Finally something different! Disco Kid will come at you with a right hook. You can easily identify this move because he moves very far to the right. hit him with a right hook as he steps in for a star.


Sometimes, Disco Kid Will spread his arms out like a movie star. When his teeth sparkle hit him with a jab for a free star.


Wow another taunt. This time Disco Kid will twirl his arms and flash his teeth at you. When his teeth sparkle, hit him with a jab for a free star.

Did you interrupt his disco fever? Well grab your boxing gloves because it’s time for the minor circuit champ! King Hippo!!!

Minor Circuit Champion

King Hippo 

King Hippo

King Hippo is the champ of the Minor Circuit. His weak spot is the little X on his belly. He guards it well, and you’ll have to take a different approach in order to claim that belt! After every attack, dodge, then hit him with a jab. Then you’ll have to hit him with hooks. (Note: I only know how to counter one of his moves, so sorry.)

Left and Right Downstroke

King Hippo will start his arsenal of attacks with this move. He raises his left or right fist in the air and attempts to hit you. No matter the side, you can dodge left or right. Ducking or blocking will only lead to damage. After that hit him with a jab then hooks.

Left and Right Jab

Just like the last three fighters, you can dodge this in anyway.


This is the most devastating of all of his moves. He will move both of his arms and proceed to try to crush you. The only way to dodge is to duck. But don’t hit immediately or King Hippo will just block. Wait until he looks up with a surprised look, then jab him and hook him. If you’re feeling lucky, hit him as he steps forward. doing this correctly will yield in him losing his crown. Do it again and he will be instantly defeated. Be careful though, failing and getting hit will cause you to lose half your health!!!

Finally, after all your hard work, you are the minor circuit champion!!! In the next part we will tackle the major circuit.


Hello everyone and welcome to my first game review. This game review will be about Punch Out, giving tips and tricks for beating every fighter. Before we get started, let me run you through some basics. The terms I will be referring to are, hooks, jabs, dodge left or right, block, duck, star punch, and counter. Hooks are your basic attack. you press the 1 and 2 buttons on your wii remote or shaking the wii remote or nunchuck. Jabs are the second type of attack. You do them by holding the block button (up on the nunchuck or up on the control pad) then using the 1 and 2 buttons. Jabs also seem to do more damage (although that may be my own opinion.) Dodging, ducking, and blocking are all done with the nunchuck, or the control pad. dodging is used by pressing the nunchuck or control pad left or right, ducking is used by pressing down, and blocking is used by pressing up. Master these moves and become the champion!!!


New Super Mario Bros 2 01

New Super Mario Bros 2 is really cool. There is a new feature that allows you to get tons of coins! A golden flower turns every block and every enemy into gold. Killing an enemy gives 5 coins. every block you break during the golden mania gives coins as well. The powerup also allows you to shoot golden balls of fire that destroy blocks and enemies on contact. The power runs out quickly though. New Super Mario Bros 2 is the same Mario 2d platformer we know and love today. 8 worlds with lots of levels in each world, makes for a very fun game.

Infamous 2 01


InFAMOUS 2 is an awesome game where you can shoot lightning out of your hands! Thats pretty awsome just thinking about it. But it gets even better. While your playing you absorb energy of things called blast cores and get even more powers! Did I tell you that you are playing as a character named Cole Mcgrath? Well he got his powers from a package that blew up. Now a monster called The Beast is coming to destroy all life. If that wasn’t bad enough there are these creatures called the corrupted. Crazy huh? Well back to the topic InFAMOUS 2 is amazing. The great thing about this game is that you can be good or evil depending on what you do. For example if a person were to get mugged and you stop it you will get good karma. Well its really hard to explain in words so please play the game. It is amazing.






Title screen

Super Mario 64 is an old game, everybody likes it. The main character is of course Mario. The story line is that Bowser has taken all the power stars and you must retrieve them. You play this game on the Nintendo 64, an old game system. In most Mario games there are usually worlds, in this game there are still worlds but to get to them you have to jump in paintings. The first world is Bomb-omb Battlefield. your goal in the first level is to  beat king Bomb-omb. After you beat a level a star appears when you grab the star the next level appears with a hint. You can beat a level without a hint but it will be a lot harder. The goal of the game is to beat all the Bowser levels. After that you beat the game. Are you looking for a bigger challenge? Well in total there are 121 stars. Try and get them all. As you can see Super Mario 64 is and old and fun game that has aged very well.


Little Big Planet 01


Little Big Planet is about creating and a story mode. When you progress in the story there will be bubbles with items. The items in the bubbles can be used in creative mode. In creative mode you can publish your own levels and share to the world. I forgot to say that you are controlling a character called Sackboy, his eyes are made of  buttons and his mouth is made of stitches. (if on PS3) you move your character (Sackboy) by using the analog stick. Anyway let me describe story mode. The first part of the story is in the gardens. In the garden you learn how to play the game. There really isn’t an end to LBP because of creative mode.




Peashooter 01

Plants VS Zombies is a tower defense game where you plant plants to defend your house from zombies. There are different types of zombies (which will be explained in my future walkthrough). For example there are conehead,buckethead,and football zombies. My favorite zombie is the mining zombie because he goes all the way to the left and then walks to the right (instead of right to left). There are also different types of plants too. For instance there are peashooters,walnuts,or tallnuts,and chompers. My favorite plant is the double sunflower (you can buy it from crazy dave’s store) because it produced double sun instead of a single sun. And there are different worlds. here they are in order; day front yard, night front yard, day backyard (pool), night backyard (pool and fog), day roof,and final level is night roof. In night time you will face different zombies than in daytime.

A Minecraft pig

Minecraft is a fun game where everything is made from blocks. The creator of Minecraft is named Notch. He constantly improves Minecraft a little bit at a time.  The goal of the game is to survive and thrive. People think there is no end to this game,but that is only half true. When you find a portal to the End (using eye of ender which will be described in a future walkthrough) you will be facing the final boss of the game – The Ender Dragon. In that world there will be a whole bunch of Endermen. That’s their home planet in other words that’s where they live. Well anyways lets describe the game. The game is very realistic. You chop down trees and make planks and build houses. You can also host your own Minecraft server. When you create your server you can tell your friends the ip address they can play on your server. There a huge amount of things you can craft in Minecraft, and a huge amount of creatures you will have to defeat (I will be explaining this in a future walkthrough).


Thanks for coming to this site. In this site, I will talk about game reviews and walkthroughs. I am also looking for people to help me write things. I hope you enjoy this site and make sure to have fun.