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Ahh Undertale. How you’ve changed the way I look at video games. For the longest time the Infamous game series were my favorite video games of all time. Finally it has been replaced. If you don’t already know about Undertale considering all of the hype around this game on the internet, Undertale is a RPG where you play the role of a gender less child who fell down a hole. Now I know it sounds silly but in reality Undertale is a very charming game for a number of reasons. The game allows you to go through the entire game without killing a single creature which gives you the best ending. However the game totally changes if you start a genocide run which means killing every living thing in your path. If you play pacifist first then you’re going to have a hard time bringing yourself to do a genocide run. The characters in this game are just so lovable! From the mysterious Sans to the easily foiled Papyrus (My two favorite characters) all of these characters have their own unique personalities that make it hard to strike them down. Of course where would this game be without a sense of humor. The game plays around in many ways with secrets around every corner. However don’t mistake Undertale for a happy go lucky game. Undertale dabbles in some dark secrets every once in a while. The soundtrack to this game is the best I have ever heard. The entire game including the soundtrack is $19.99, only $9.99 if you want only the game, however you should definitely buy the soundtrack as you can listen to it while doing mundane tasks on your computer. This is my new favorite game and I urge you to give it a try. I give this game 11/10Annoying Dog


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Surviving in Terraria canterraria logo 1 be a challenge if you don’t know the game mechanics. First things first, getting a weapon. You weak copper short sword isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to have to mine some ores to create a broadsword. For the time being, just mine some iron  and make some iron bars using a crafting table that is made of wood. You also might want to quickly made a small hut and put your guide in. Even if you don’t think he’s important now, once you start getting lots of new materials, you’re going to need him. Anyway once you create you iron broadsword, you should find the desert and mine some cacti. Once you do that, simply craft some cactus armor. Cactus armor is helpful in the beginning because the set bonus will give you an extra boost in defense. If you are a beginner then this should be about the end of the first night, however if you have some extra time look for chests and try to find a pyramid. This pyramid will get you a flying carpet which allows for much better travel side to side. If you are an expert player, you may try and attempt to defeat Skeletron, he boss of the dungeon, however I would not recommend this if you are a beginner or you are on hardcore. An example of an expert player is a Youtuber by the name of Yrimir. If you have created you armor, iron broadsword, and a house, you should have no problem surviving the night.

Terraria is basically a 2-D, better Minecraft. Now you may argue that Minecraft is better because it is more realistic or more in depth, but I’m here to assess Terraria. Terraria has many new features that were incorporated in the 1.3 version that came out June 30th.  Some of the features include new items, enemies, bosses, and blocks. 1.3 added an expert mode that makes everything much harder, however it allows for much better items to be collected. Two new events were added, the Martian Invasion, and the Celestial Event. The Celestial Event is also a preparation for the final boss of Terraria, the Moon Lord. Terraria 1.3 will also bring the very first walkthrough on this website. Anyway, 1.3 adds many new features that makes even the most bored players become interested in the new and improved game and is very well worth $9.99 and your time.


This is a page on some updates and news. For starters I may be looking for some people to help write more reviews and things. That is really all. Check out all my stuff and look at my youtube channel down below.






Infamous Fist Light Picture 01


Infamous First Light is a DLC that came out for Infamous Second Son. This DLC recently became free for PlayStation Plus members. In this DLC follows the side character, Fetch, when she was captured by the Dups. If you have free time, I would definitely recommend giving this game a try.


Infamous Second Son Picture 01

Infamous Second Son is the newest arrival in the infamous series. The newest powers add new and exciting variety to the game play. The new powers are smoke, neon, video, and concrete. In this game, instead of Cole, we follow a new main character, Delsin. The story is interesting and the character development is amazing. All in All this game is one of the best in the series.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby are the newest editionPokemon Alpha Sapphire Title to the Pokemon series. In my opinion, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby are the best Pokemon games to date. The new graphics and the edition of the mega-evolution help be different then all the other games. Grinding in this game is actually less annoying then the other games. This is actually one of the easier games in the Pokemon games. It is one of the recommended games for starters or nuzlockes ( Hardcore version of Pokemon). With the new Pokemon, Primal  Kyogre or Primal Groudon, and the new fairy type, add new Pokemon and opportunities. Altogether I really enjoy playing this game and would recommend it for first timers and experts alike.Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Primal Kyogre

Welcome back to the walkthrough everyone. Today we will be doing all of the title defense for the Minor Circuit. Title defense is all of the previous fighters but with a new challenge. A tip is that all of the fighters (ALL OF THEM) will dodge star punches unless they are stunned (Dodge one attack then hit them) So our first opponent is Glass Joe once again, get ready for the nostalgia.


Minor Circuit

Glass Joe

Glass Joe Title Defense

It’s Glass Joe again but with one distinct difference. He has red headgear on! (A tip: If you get 100 losses in either career  or exhibition, you will get a headgear also. It will ignore a little bit of damage.) This headgear automatically blocks all jabs except on one condition. If you land a star punch, the helmet will dislodge and you can land jabs. When the helmet turns yellow, you can use a hook for another star.

Straight Jab and Weave

This is the straight jab from before but faster and a bit stronger. Depending on the side he jabs, you can hook in that direction for a star. After you knock him down once or twice he will start weaving. This is easily blocked but you can hook in any direction when he reaches the edge for a star.

Left Hook

This is the same left hook as before. You can dodge left or right. No blocking or ducking. Careful though, sometimes Joe will delay the hook. You can see this when he hides his head. You can counter these with a left hook.


Almost like before , Joe will taunt you by hitting his helmet a bit. He will block one side of his stomach with his hands. The side he is blocking, hit him with the opposite hook for a star.


Again, Glass Joe will step to the side and say his french words. You can hit him in the stomach for a 1 hit knockdown. Careful though because when Glass Joe says it with a delay between his words, he will fake a step before actually stepping toward you. Wait a second then hook for the K.O.

You got the first sample of what it is like for title defense! Trust me, there is no shame in losing any fight in this mode as they are more difficult than before. Anyways  let’s move on to Von Kaiser.

Von KaiserVon Kaiser Title Defense

Von Kaiser is back, with a haircut! Just kidding, Von Kaiser has a lot of new trick up his sleeve including  a 1 hit K.O. Trick. Lets get it on.

Straight Jab

This is the same move as before, exactly the same. Dodge anyway, and use a jab for a star.

Left Uppercut

Von Kaiser will crouch to your left and immediately come up for and uppercut. Dodge only to the left. Also you can use a left hook for a star.

Right Hook

This time Von Kaiser will crouch to your right and deliver an uppercut. This one will have a delay. Dodge only right. You can also time a right hook for a star.


Sometimes Von will crouch to the right or the left and pose for an uppercut, but won’t do it. Time a hook depending on the side for a star.

Spinning Windmill

When you knock Von down, he will stand up hit his head and rush at you at either left or right, dodge opposite. I would recommend waiting for a second before dodging because this is Von’s most devastating attack because it is a 1 hit K.O. for you. No counters for you but you can unleash a pretty lengthy combo if you dodge it. Also Von will do it in the middle of the round.

Great job for beating another fighter! Lets move on to Disco Kid.

Disco Kid

Disco Kid Title Defense

 Disco Kid is back with some new tricks. Almost the same as before.

Straight Jab Left and Right

This is the same jab as before but a lot faster. dodge any way and counter with a right or left hook.

Right Hook

This is the same hook as before but with a longer delay. time a right hook carefully for a star.

Left Hook

Disco Kid will do jumping jacks after a little bit into the match. Depending on the number of times he jumps, that is how many hooks he will do. Dodge all of them then delay a right punch (any punch) and you will receive a star.

Disco Flurry and Taunt

When Disco Kid twirls his hand, be ready because he will do one of two things; taunt you, or unleash his Disco Flurry. His taunt is when his teeth flashes, you can jab him and you will receive a star. The Disco Flurry is his most devastating attack. He will twirl his hands then hit you with three jabs dealing tremendous amounts of damage. You can not block this you can only dodge left or right or duck. Wait a second and right before he punches you dodge, this will allow you to not get hit on the third punch.

It’s time to face King Hippo once again, but he has a nasty trick up his sleeve… Or on his belly

Minor Circuit Champion

King Hippo

King Hippo is back, but with a twist.King Hippo Title Defense He has taped a sewer cover his weak spot. The only way to damage him is to break that tape. Sadly it takes more than that. In order to make King Hippo let his guard down, you have to counter him, I do not know how to counter his jab, only his other moves. You have to counter his punch, then hit the side of the tape he is not covering. This is a very hard fight.

Down Strike

This is the same strike as before. You can dodge in any way except ducking and blocking. Counter with a jab in the face opposite of the side he is punching you.


This is the same jab as before. Dodge anyway, (not sure if you can block, comment please) I don’t know how to counter, sorry.


After you knock of two of King Hippo’s tape off, or get him halfway down in health, he will deliver a pound. Same as before duck when he strikes. After that, he will try to slam you again! Dodge to the left or right to dodge. Wait until he looks up, then hit him with a jab for a stun and hit him.

That is it everyone! You defended you title for the minor circuit. The major circuit wont be so easy though. Part 5 is just that.

Hello everyone welcome back. I’m back in writing. So lets continue this walkthrough!!!


World Circuit

It’s time for the world circuit, the best of the best, the ones to be feared. Can you claim the champion’s belt from the Dreammaker? Lets see.

Aran Ryan

Aran Ryan

 Aran Ryan is a cheater. He loves it too. He takes on a different play style that you have encountered. The best way to deal with Ryan is to counter his punches, all of them. I’m going to teach you how.

Straight Down Strike

Aran Ryan will stop near the middle of the screen, wave his fist twice, then attack you. Dodge left or right to avoid it. Ducking or blocking won’t work. You can also counter with a jab for a counter then combo.


Whenever you dodge one of Aran’s attacks then hit him, he will immediately counter. Dodge left or right to avoid it. If you time a left hook just right, you can get a star.

Right Swipe

When Aran ducks to the right and hits his head twice, he is going to attack. You can dodge to the right or duck but dodging to the left, blocking, or ducking, will cause damage. Time a right hook as he steps in for a combo.

Left Uppercut.

When Aran pauses on your left, be ready. He is going to uppercut. Dodge to the left to dodge. Dodging any other way will get you. counter with a left hook for a star.


When Aran plays with the ropes a bit, be ready. He is going to headbutt you. This is his most damaging attack. You can only dodge left or right. You can block at the last second then hook him for a star, (It has to be at the last second or he will break your defense.) You can also hit him with a jab as he comes toward you for a combo.

Wow, a mouthful, keep on practicing.

Soda PopinskiSoda_Popinski

Soda Popinski is a strong man. A few hits and you will go down. Although he as a slight pattern. It goes about, Jab Jab Uppercut Uppercut. Repeat. (Warning this may not be so, comment to tell me what it actually is.)( I don’t know how to counter these, again please comment.) Also, after you dodge his move, hit him with a hook for a star.

Middle Hook

This is the first move Popinski will use. He uses his left arm on the middle of the screen and tries to hook you. You can dodge left, right, and duck. Blocking will get you hit.

Left and Right Uppercut

They’re both just mirror copies of each other. Both can be dodged by slipping left or right, no matter the side.

Right Hook

Soda will sometimes slip to the right before hooking. This is the only move that cannot be dodged by dodging to the right. That being said, you can, dodge left, and duck.


If you knock Soda down, knock his bottle (see soda) out of his hand, or land a star punch, Soda will go into a flurry of uppercuts. Dodge this like the left and right ones, anyway but blocking and ducking. A soda sound will indicate the end of his attacks and you can combo.


After you knock Popinski down, he will usually take a bottle out. Depending on the side which he to out the bottle, hit it with a jab for a star, he will then use rage.


Sometimes Soda will laugh in your face. Hit him with a jab for a star

Great Job on beating him. A fearsome foe awaits.

Bald Bull

Bald Bull

Bald Bull thinks he is a bull. He acts like one and sure enough, hits like one. His Bull Charge makes even the most fearsome cower in fear. When you combo his uppercut deliver 2 delayed blows to his head for a star.

Left and Right Twirly Punch

These are the moves Bald Bull will start with. He will crouch to either side and twirl his hands. Beware of the delay. Dodge left or right or ducking, no blocking!!!

Left Hook

When Bald Bull hits his head twice and says “Achmed” He is going to hit you with a hook. Dodge this by slipping to the left or ducking.

Left Uppercut

This is the fastest uppercut you have seen. He dips to the left and quickly comes up for the uppercut. Dodge to the left to dodge, Nothing else.

Bull Charge

This is the most powerful move by far. Why? Because it is a one hit K.O you won’t lose but it hurts, a lot. There are two ways of dealing with this. One way is to dodge to the right or left when he comes rushing toward you. Dodge as the 2nd puff of steam leaves his nose. Do this three times to escape. The faster way is to hit him with a hook as he comes toward you. This is very risky, but you will get rewarded with a one hit K.O yourself.


Sometime Bald Bull will stand tall and proud as he laughs at you. Hit him with a jab to the face for a star.

Great you won! This is the most hated fighter, as he tends to hurt for a lot and is fast.

Super Macho Man

Super Macho Man

Super Macho Man is full of hubris. He doubts you and goes easy on you until you knock him down. Don’t take this for granted. Macho’s moves will get you down on the ground, helpless. His signature move is a guarantee win for him. Face this man and claim your place as the new Macho Man!

Left Uppercut

When Macho Man ducks to the left he will quickly uppercut you. you can dodge to the left or the right. No ducking nor blocking.

Right Uppercut

The same as the left but with a slight delay. Dodge to the left or the right ONLY.

Spinning Clothesline

When Macho Man flexes and wiggles his hand, get ready to duck and only duck. Anything else will cause you to take serious damage.

Super Spinning Clothesline

This is Macho Man’s most disastrous move. It’s almost a guaranteed win for Macho Man if you get hit. Macho Man will pose three times before unleashing 3 spinning swipes. Make sure you dodge a bit early as you might get hit on the 3rd one. Then you can combo Macho Man 9 times.


When Macho Man poses and says “Photo On” Hit him with a jab when he turns yellow for a star.

Great You defeated  Macho Man. Are you ready to take on the Champion? The most feared? Lets go

World Circuit Champion

Mr. Sandman

Mr. Sandman

It’s time for the best of the best, Mr. Sandman!!! Sandman is a very fast opponent. He is also very strong. about 4 or 5 hits will get you down. A worthy choice for the champ. Can you take the belt away from the Sandman?

Down Strike Right

This is the first move that Sandman uses. It is pretty hard to react to because it is so fast. Sandman raises his right fist then quickly drops it. You can dodge left or right. No ducking or blocking. You can counter him with a jab as he drops his fist for a star but it is pretty hard to do so.

Down Strike Left

This is almost a direct copy of the other down strike but with a huge pause. I say to dodge early so you can recover and dodge again. Dodge only left and right. You can counter with a jab as Sandman brings his fist down for a star.

Left Haymaker

This is another fast move and incredibly damaging. Sandman swings himself to the left and punches you. The force is so strong that you can’t block. Dodge by left or right or ducking. You can counter him for a star with a left jab but only as he’s about to punch you or else it will just miss.

Right Haymaker

This is almost like the left haymaker but with a long pause. Again you can counter him for a star with a right jab but only as he punches you.

Dreamland Express

This is Sandman’s most damaging attack. Sandman drops his hands and says “Afraid?” Then he will attack with 3 uppercuts. Also watch out, when he drops his hands he may say ” Boo ” instead of attacking, but dodge anyway just in case.


Sometimes in the middle of the fight, Sandman will exclaim “Boo” you can hit him with a jab for a star, or use a star punch for an instant knockdown.

That is it. Claim that belt and win the circuit, But wait!! There is still more. Since becoming the champion, all of the contenders want a rematch with new abilities and harder fights. Lose once and the belts theirs. But don’t fret. Fight them again and win to get your belt back. Part 4 will be Title defence Minor Circuit!!!

Welcome Back everyone to the walkthrough part 2. Today is the Major circuit including, Piston Hondo, Bear Hugger, Great Tiger, and Don Flamenco. So lets get started!


Major Circuit

Piston Hondo

So the first contender is  boxer named Piston Hondo. Piston is a very fast man. His attacks do a large amount of damage and you’Piston Hondoll need all the stars you can get.

Straight Jab

This is the quickest jab you will have encountered so far. He pushes his eyebrows up and down and quickly hits you with a jab. Luckily you can dodge this in anyway. If you are quick you can counter Hondo with a right or left jab to earn a star

Left Uppercut

Piston Hondo will quickly go to your left, count to three and hit you with an uppercut. dodge to the left or right to dodge. You can’t duck or block. if you are very quick you can counter with a left hook as he comes in. Also if you wait for the end of his pose and hit him with a right hook, you can earn a star.

Hondo Rush

This is Piston Hondo’s most powerful attack. He will step back and and hop three times. He will then proceed to punch you three times in quick succession, finally he will try to hit you with an uppercut. There are a couple of ways to deal with this. The easiest way is to do this combination of dodges, dodge left or right, block, dodge left or right. I find this way the easiest. The next is to block and let go then block again three times. This is an effective way to stop the rush. Finally, the hardest is to jab Hondo as he steps in. If done incorrectly he will punch you and you will get hit for a lot of damage, if done correctly you can earn a free star.

Although these moves sound very frightening he shouldn’t be to difficult, just keep trying. Now lets move on to Bear Hugger.

Bear Hugger

Bear Hugger

Your next opponent is Bear Hugger. Compared to the other fighters, he isn’t that bad. The only thing is, his attacks are the most devastating you will have encountered. His weakest moves hurt for about 1/4 of your health. Be careful!

Right Hook

Bear Hugger will move to the right a bit and try to hit you with a right hook. You can only duck and dodge to the right. Anything but will have your health drained. If you’re good at timing you can hit him with a right hook and earn a star

Down Stroke

Bear Hugger will raise his left arm and proceed to smash you with it. Dodge left or right to avoid it. Ducking or blocking will fail. You can try to jab him for a star.

Bear Hug

This is the most devastating attack, similar to King Hippo’s. Failing to dodge this move will drain 1/2 your health before you can say “hoser”.

The only way to block is to duck then you can combo him with jabs. Also when he steps toward you you can hit him with a jab for a star but be careful.

Well you beat the hugger. It’s time to move on to the rabid Great Tiger

Great Tiger

Great Tiger marks the point in the game where things get hard. Very hard. So pay attention!(Don’t know how to counter him accept for magic rush)Great Tiger

Straight Jab

Great Tiger will start off by saying something like “Diansing” and hitting you with a straight jab the gem on his turban will shine orange or red. When it is orange, hit him with a jab. You will get a star. Don’t hit it when it is red or he will counter. By the way you can dodge anyway to avoid the jab.

Left Uppercut

Great Tiger will crouch to the left and hit you with an uppercut. be careful though there is a delay between the crouch and the uppercut. Make sure you dodge left. Dodging right will only yield in damage.

Right Uppercut

Almost exactly the same as the left uppercut but without the delay. Great Tiger will crouch to the left and immediately hit you with an uppercut. make sure to dodge right. dodging left will only yield in damage.

Magic Rush

This is Great Tiger’s most powerful move. He will teleport and make two of himself, one is partly transparent. Then one of the two’s gem will blink, this is the one that is going first, The ghost will not do any damage so don’t dodge it. Dodge the way the real Great Tiger comes and combo him. If you are feeling lucky you can hook the way Great Tiger is coming for an instant knockdown.

Great job, you put down the tiger. Are you ready for the champ of the major circuit? Then lets fight!!!

Major Circuit Champion

Don Flamenco

Don Flamenco is very proud of being the owner of his belt. He even goads you into hitting him first. His style is unique in this way, allowing you to pick the pace of the fight. Are you ready for the battle?

Don Flamenco

Left Uppercut

Don will goad you into the first punch. When you hit him he will either block or dodge and then hit you. This is an uppercut that he uses quite a bit. He steps to the far right then says “Carmendeamorra” and then hits you. This has quite a bit of delay so be careful. dodge to the left to dodge. dodging to the right, ducking, or blocking will cause you to take damage. Also you can hit him with a left hook when he steps in for a star.


This is another uppercut. Don will move to the center of the screen and quickly hit you. You can dodge to the left or the right to avoid the attack. Ducking or blocking will get you hit. hitting him with a hook will get you another star.


After you knock Don Flamenco down once he will start using this attack. He says “Ole” wiggles his hand then swipes at you. You can only duck this move. Also, you can counter him by using a right hook when he steps forward.

Straight Jab

When you knock Don Flamenco down two times, he will clap twice then quickly jab you. Dodge this in anyway. Blocking then jabbing him will get you a star.

Uno Dos Tres

Sometimes Don will step back and clap his hands saying ” Uno Dos Tres” dodge to the left three times then hit him for a star.

Tips for Don Flamenco:

Infinite Combo: Counter Don then do the following.  Jab Hook Jab Hook Jab Hook until he is K.O.’d

Toupee: After you beat Don up for a while, his toupee will fly off. This is where his stance changes. He will keep attacking you over and over again.

Finally after the endurance test, you are the champion of the major circuit. Great Job!!! Next part will be the final World Circuit.

Major Circuit