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A Minecraft pig

Minecraft is a fun game where everything is made from blocks. The creator of Minecraft is named Notch. He constantly improves Minecraft a little bit at a time.  The goal of the game is to survive and thrive. People think there is no end to this game,but that is only half true. When you find a portal to the End (using eye of ender which will be described in a future walkthrough) you will be facing the final boss of the game – The Ender Dragon. In that world there will be a whole bunch of Endermen. That’s their home planet in other words that’s where they live. Well anyways lets describe the game. The game is very realistic. You chop down trees and make planks and build houses. You can also host your own Minecraft server. When you create your server you can tell your friends the ip address they can play on your server. There a huge amount of things you can craft in Minecraft, and a huge amount of creatures you will have to defeat (I will be explaining this in a future walkthrough).


Thanks for coming to this site. In this site, I will talk about game reviews and walkthroughs. I am also looking for people to help me write things. I hope you enjoy this site and make sure to have fun.