Welcome back to the walkthrough everyone. Today we will be doing all of the title defense for the Minor Circuit. Title defense is all of the previous fighters but with a new challenge. A tip is that all of the fighters (ALL OF THEM) will dodge star punches unless they are stunned (Dodge one attack then hit them) So our first opponent is Glass Joe once again, get ready for the nostalgia.


Minor Circuit

Glass Joe

Glass Joe Title Defense

It’s Glass Joe again but with one distinct difference. He has red headgear on! (A tip: If you get 100 losses in either career  or exhibition, you will get a headgear also. It will ignore a little bit of damage.) This headgear automatically blocks all jabs except on one condition. If you land a star punch, the helmet will dislodge and you can land jabs. When the helmet turns yellow, you can use a hook for another star.

Straight Jab and Weave

This is the straight jab from before but faster and a bit stronger. Depending on the side he jabs, you can hook in that direction for a star. After you knock him down once or twice he will start weaving. This is easily blocked but you can hook in any direction when he reaches the edge for a star.

Left Hook

This is the same left hook as before. You can dodge left or right. No blocking or ducking. Careful though, sometimes Joe will delay the hook. You can see this when he hides his head. You can counter these with a left hook.


Almost like before , Joe will taunt you by hitting his helmet a bit. He will block one side of his stomach with his hands. The side he is blocking, hit him with the opposite hook for a star.


Again, Glass Joe will step to the side and say his french words. You can hit him in the stomach for a 1 hit knockdown. Careful though because when Glass Joe says it with a delay between his words, he will fake a step before actually stepping toward you. Wait a second then hook for the K.O.

You got the first sample of what it is like for title defense! Trust me, there is no shame in losing any fight in this mode as they are more difficult than before. Anyways  let’s move on to Von Kaiser.

Von KaiserVon Kaiser Title Defense

Von Kaiser is back, with a haircut! Just kidding, Von Kaiser has a lot of new trick up his sleeve including  a 1 hit K.O. Trick. Lets get it on.

Straight Jab

This is the same move as before, exactly the same. Dodge anyway, and use a jab for a star.

Left Uppercut

Von Kaiser will crouch to your left and immediately come up for and uppercut. Dodge only to the left. Also you can use a left hook for a star.

Right Hook

This time Von Kaiser will crouch to your right and deliver an uppercut. This one will have a delay. Dodge only right. You can also time a right hook for a star.


Sometimes Von will crouch to the right or the left and pose for an uppercut, but won’t do it. Time a hook depending on the side for a star.

Spinning Windmill

When you knock Von down, he will stand up hit his head and rush at you at either left or right, dodge opposite. I would recommend waiting for a second before dodging because this is Von’s most devastating attack because it is a 1 hit K.O. for you. No counters for you but you can unleash a pretty lengthy combo if you dodge it. Also Von will do it in the middle of the round.

Great job for beating another fighter! Lets move on to Disco Kid.

Disco Kid

Disco Kid Title Defense

 Disco Kid is back with some new tricks. Almost the same as before.

Straight Jab Left and Right

This is the same jab as before but a lot faster. dodge any way and counter with a right or left hook.

Right Hook

This is the same hook as before but with a longer delay. time a right hook carefully for a star.

Left Hook

Disco Kid will do jumping jacks after a little bit into the match. Depending on the number of times he jumps, that is how many hooks he will do. Dodge all of them then delay a right punch (any punch) and you will receive a star.

Disco Flurry and Taunt

When Disco Kid twirls his hand, be ready because he will do one of two things; taunt you, or unleash his Disco Flurry. His taunt is when his teeth flashes, you can jab him and you will receive a star. The Disco Flurry is his most devastating attack. He will twirl his hands then hit you with three jabs dealing tremendous amounts of damage. You can not block this you can only dodge left or right or duck. Wait a second and right before he punches you dodge, this will allow you to not get hit on the third punch.

It’s time to face King Hippo once again, but he has a nasty trick up his sleeve… Or on his belly

Minor Circuit Champion

King Hippo

King Hippo is back, but with a twist.King Hippo Title Defense He has taped a sewer cover his weak spot. The only way to damage him is to break that tape. Sadly it takes more than that. In order to make King Hippo let his guard down, you have to counter him, I do not know how to counter his jab, only his other moves. You have to counter his punch, then hit the side of the tape he is not covering. This is a very hard fight.

Down Strike

This is the same strike as before. You can dodge in any way except ducking and blocking. Counter with a jab in the face opposite of the side he is punching you.


This is the same jab as before. Dodge anyway, (not sure if you can block, comment please) I don’t know how to counter, sorry.


After you knock of two of King Hippo’s tape off, or get him halfway down in health, he will deliver a pound. Same as before duck when he strikes. After that, he will try to slam you again! Dodge to the left or right to dodge. Wait until he looks up, then hit him with a jab for a stun and hit him.

That is it everyone! You defended you title for the minor circuit. The major circuit wont be so easy though. Part 5 is just that.

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