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Little Big Planet 01


Little Big Planet is about creating and a story mode. When you progress in the story there will be bubbles with items. The items in the bubbles can be used in creative mode. In creative mode you can publish your own levels and share to the world. I forgot to say that you are controlling a character called Sackboy, his eyes are made of  buttons and his mouth is made of stitches. (if on PS3) you move your character (Sackboy) by using the analog stick. Anyway let me describe story mode. The first part of the story is in the gardens. In the garden you learn how to play the game. There really isn’t an end to LBP because of creative mode.




Peashooter 01

Plants VS Zombies is a tower defense game where you plant plants to defend your house from zombies. There are different types of zombies (which will be explained in my future walkthrough). For example there are conehead,buckethead,and football zombies. My favorite zombie is the mining zombie because he goes all the way to the left and then walks to the right (instead of right to left). There are also different types of plants too. For instance there are peashooters,walnuts,or tallnuts,and chompers. My favorite plant is the double sunflower (you can buy it from crazy dave’s store) because it produced double sun instead of a single sun. And there are different worlds. here they are in order; day front yard, night front yard, day backyard (pool), night backyard (pool and fog), day roof,and final level is night roof. In night time you will face different zombies than in daytime.