Terraria is basically a 2-D, better Minecraft. Now you may argue that Minecraft is better because it is more realistic or more in depth, but I’m here to assess Terraria. Terraria has many new features that were incorporated in the 1.3 version that came out June 30th.  Some of the features include new items, enemies, bosses, and blocks. 1.3 added an expert mode that makes everything much harder, however it allows for much better items to be collected. Two new events were added, the Martian Invasion, and the Celestial Event. The Celestial Event is also a preparation for the final boss of Terraria, the Moon Lord. Terraria 1.3 will also bring the very first walkthrough on this website. Anyway, 1.3 adds many new features that makes even the most bored players become interested in the new and improved game and is very well worth $9.99 and your time.

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