Ahh Undertale. How you’ve changed the way I look at video games. For the longest time the Infamous game series were my favorite video games of all time. Finally it has been replaced. If you don’t already know about Undertale considering all of the hype around this game on the internet, Undertale is a RPG where you play the role of a gender less child who fell down a hole. Now I know it sounds silly but in reality Undertale is a very charming game for a number of reasons. The game allows you to go through the entire game without killing a single creature which gives you the best ending. However the game totally changes if you start a genocide run which means killing every living thing in your path. If you play pacifist first then you’re going to have a hard time bringing yourself to do a genocide run. The characters in this game are just so lovable! From the mysterious Sans to the easily foiled Papyrus (My two favorite characters) all of these characters have their own unique personalities that make it hard to strike them down. Of course where would this game be without a sense of humor. The game plays around in many ways with secrets around every corner. However don’t mistake Undertale for a happy go lucky game. Undertale dabbles in some dark secrets every once in a while. The soundtrack to this game is the best I have ever heard. The entire game including the soundtrack is $19.99, only $9.99 if you want only the game, however you should definitely buy the soundtrack as you can listen to it while doing mundane tasks on your computer. This is my new favorite game and I urge you to give it a try. I give this game 11/10Annoying Dog


Buy the game here:   http://store.steampowered.com/app/391540/?snr=1_7_15__13