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This is a page on some updates and news. For starters I may be looking for some people to help write more reviews and things. That is really all. Check out all my stuff and look at my youtube channel down below.






Infamous Fist Light Picture 01


Infamous First Light is a DLC that came out for Infamous Second Son. This DLC recently became free for PlayStation Plus members. In this DLC follows the side character, Fetch, when she was captured by the Dups. If you have free time, I would definitely recommend giving this game a try.


Infamous Second Son Picture 01

Infamous Second Son is the newest arrival in the infamous series. The newest powers add new and exciting variety to the game play. The new powers are smoke, neon, video, and concrete. In this game, instead of Cole, we follow a new main character, Delsin. The story is interesting and the character development is amazing. All in All this game is one of the best in the series.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby are the newest editionPokemon Alpha Sapphire Title to the Pokemon series. In my opinion, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby are the best Pokemon games to date. The new graphics and the edition of the mega-evolution help be different then all the other games. Grinding in this game is actually less annoying then the other games. This is actually one of the easier games in the Pokemon games. It is one of the recommended games for starters or nuzlockes ( Hardcore version of Pokemon). With the new Pokemon, Primal  Kyogre or Primal Groudon, and the new fairy type, add new Pokemon and opportunities. Altogether I really enjoy playing this game and would recommend it for first timers and experts alike.Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Primal Kyogre