Title screen

Super Mario 64 is an old game, everybody likes it. The main character is of course Mario. The story line is that Bowser has taken all the power stars and you must retrieve them. You play this game on the Nintendo 64, an old game system. In most Mario games there are usually worlds, in this game there are still worlds but to get to them you have to jump in paintings. The first world is Bomb-omb Battlefield. your goal in the first level is to  beat king Bomb-omb. After you beat a level a star appears when you grab the star the next level appears with a hint. You can beat a level without a hint but it will be a lot harder. The goal of the game is to beat all the Bowser levels. After that you beat the game. Are you looking for a bigger challenge? Well in total there are 121 stars. Try and get them all. As you can see Super Mario 64 is and old and fun game that has aged very well.